Wolfangel GmbH

Wolfangel GmbH
Roentgenstraße 31
71254 Ditzingen

Ansprechpartner: Heike Wolfangel
Telefon: +49 7152 999200

core competence

RTM- and Composite production experience for premium quality

What began at the end of the 1950s with the development and construction of a leisure-time sled using the injection process, has become an important range of products in Siempelkamp’s structure nowadays. Today components made of fiber-reinforced plastics such as glass fibers or carbon fibers are produced in over 30 countries with Wolfangel equipment. These systems, known for their quality and reliability, are easy to operate and maintain. The product spectrum ranges from gel coat systems, fibrespraying plantsto PLC-controlled injection and mixing plants, to complex customer-specific solutions for numerous applications an also in-mould-coating plants.

Exemplary is our concept for closed systems. Wolfangel injection systems can be used in pressure injection as well as vacuum injection processes in closed molds and can be designed with variable pump outputs. Depending on the requested application, outputs from 1 kg/min to over 100 kg/min can be achieved. Upon request, our plants can be manually operated or digitally controlled via a computer. A clear trend towards automation and control technology  is apparent.

The company is the only manufacturer of composite equipment in Germany with the ability to work with all equipment in a production environment on site. 

We provide premium quality, thanks to high-quality starting materials, thoroughly selected technical components, and the Swabian art of engineering. 

We produce standard plants, design custom-made products, and, together with our customers, always search for the most efficient solution. The support by our committed team during each step of the cooperation is our personal touch.